Monday, October 5, 2009

Martin Palermo: Maradona calls up the big man

It seems the big man veteran striker Martin Palermo from Boca Juniors will get his long awaited chance of playing in one of the most important games in recent decades. It seems he has has already won the trust of Maradona and the hearts of the Argentine public to win a spot next to Messi in the Argentine attack. He performed spectacularly in the warm-up friendly against Ghana with two goals and yesterday he had a 40 meter opportunistic header that has been televised globally.

Palermo's recent actions plus the fact that Maradona has decided to replicate Barcelona's formula of Messi / Ibrahimovic seems to indicate this very likely line-up. It is also quite obvious that Maradona's strategy of concentrating the diminutive play-maker strikers of Aguero, Tevez & Messi has not lived up to its hype. I say give the Big Man a chance. See his recent goals below:

Palermo against Ghana

Palermo's Spectacular 40m Header:

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