Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Argentina Vs Germany - Maradona's secret weapon (Javier Pastore)

It appears Maradona is ready commit his ultra crafty 21 year old midfielder Javier Pastore (ex-Huracan, Arg & currently @ Palermo,Italy) to ensure a win against Germany. He will be the catalyst necessary to unleash Messi's fury. The second half of Argentina's game against Greece is still fresh in Maradona's mind where Pastore liberated the midfield connecting with Messi time after time. In one of today's interviews, Pastore stated that playing with Messi is easy since they share a similar understanding of the game.

Javier Pastore Compilation

Monday, June 21, 2010

Argentina Vs Greece - Maradona changes things up

Due to injuries & yellow cards, Maradona decided to make the following modifications for tomorrow's Game - All eyes will be on Inter's lethal striker Gabriel Milito - Let's see if this new group can jive with Messi.

Out >>>>>>>>>>>>> In
Jonás Gutiérrez >>> Nicolás Otamendi
Walter Samuel >>> Nicolás Burdisso
Gabriel Heinze >>> Clemente Rodríguez
Javier Mascherano >>> Mario Bolatti
Angel Di Maria >>> Juan Sebastián Verón
Carlos Tevez >>> Sergio Agüero
Gonzalo Higuaín >>> Diego Milito

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gonzalo Higuain is the new Batistuta

After today's impressive 4-1 win over South Korea, it appears Argentina has their new new Batigol - We Argentines love comparing the younger talented players with past superstar legends - How many times have you heard "He is the new Maradona" - Higuain with his number 9 shirt (same as Batigol) had Argentina's first Hat trick performance since Batigol's 1998 & 1994 World Cup performances. I think it's an honor to be compared to Batistuta so hopefully Higuain will find a way to make his own unique mark on the team so he can keep passing on the torch of great strikers.

Gonzalo Higuain Goals