Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Javier Saviola is back on the radar

It appears Saviola has finally found a happy home with Portugal's Benfica after many years of disenchantment with various European clubs. This season he joined the other two Argentine players Pablo Aimar & the youthful Angel DiMaria to form a very effective trident. He has already score 4 times in 7 appearances for Benefica thus becoming a house favorite. Let's see if he gets on Maradona's radar and possibly back on the national team.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Argentina Vs Paraguay - Maradona's last chance

Argentina needs a big win today to have a chance at world cup qualification and for Maradona to remain as the coach.

As for Maradona's coaching, it is pretty obvious that the Messi, Aguero & Tevez combinations have not been very productive in terms of goals. The only good change he has done so far is let Jesus Datolo play as his wingman.

I still think he is not using his squad to its full potential. For example, Maradona has Lisandro Lopez, who at this moment is one of the most productive strikers in Europe sitting one the bench. Would it really hurt the team to give him a chance. In the last friendly against Russia, Lisandro scored immediately after entering the game. Come on Maradona put Lisandro in the game - You won't regret it.