Sunday, March 22, 2009

Argentina's National Team Statistics

Here are some interesting team statistics that I have compiled from primary club sites and notable news sources.

Average Height Metric (U.S.)
Entire Team: 179 cm (5ft 9in)
Midfielders: 179 cm (5ft 9in)
Forwards: 173.5 cm (5 ft 7in)
Defenders: 180 cm (5ft 9in)
Goalies: 187 cm (6ft 1in)

Average Age of Team
Entire Team: 26 yrs

Youngest Players
Juan Forlin: 20 yrs
Sergio Aguero: 20 yrs

Oldest Players
Javier Zanetti: 35 yrs
Juan Sebastian Veron: 34 yrs

Birth Place (by Province)
Buenos Aires: 50%
Santa Fe: 40%
Other (Catamarca, Cordoba, Entre Rios): 10%

Current Clubs (by Country)
Argentina: 27%
Italy: 20%
Portugal: 12%
Spain: 23%
UK: 12%
Other (Germany, Mexico): 6%

Current Clubs (by Region)
America: 30%
Europe: 70%

Most Common Zodiac Signs
Aries & Gemini: 42%

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