Saturday, April 18, 2009

River Plate Vs Boca Juniors: A must see this Sunday (April 19 - 14:00 Est)

This Sunday, the two biggest rivals of Argentine soccer are going to battle it out in Boca Junior's home turf, La Bombonera. This event is also referred to as the "Super Classic" or "Superclasico" in Spanish. This is a definite must see for any one interested in Argentine soccer or soccer in general. It exposes the good the bad and the ugly of true soccer passions - You will get to experience authentic Argentine soccer style in its raw state.

The History of this rivalry goes back to the early 1900's and has intensified ever since. In addition, River has not won a game in their last four encounters -- You basically cannot add anymore wood to this fire.

There is an excellent article put out by FIFA called "All Eyes on Buenos Aires" that describes this rivalry very thoroughly, and I recommend reading it before watching the game tomorrow.

Players to watch closely:

River Plate:
Diego Buonanotte 30
Marcelo Gallardo 10

Boca Juniors:
Martín Palermo 9
Sebastián Battaglia 5
Juan Forlín 6
Ezequiel Muñoz 19
Juan Riquelme 10
Luciano Gabriel Figueroa 18

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