Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Maradona - Hail to the Chief

Argentina 2 - France 0

Maradona is off to an awesome start as head coach. The team was off to a shakey start with unusually low ball possesion but after the sniper shot by Jonás Gutiérrez (23) the team managed to settle down. Messi did his thing with his magical abilities and Carlos Tevez had an immidiate impact after he subed for Aguero setting up Messi for his awesome goal. When Maxi Rodriguez & El Kun Aguero came off the field to be subed Maradona kissed them as a father would - So inspirational. I think Maradona is going to keep tweaking his formula but the main cast is set. However, Riquelme and maybe Veron will definitley get their chance. There is also exciting talent like Ezequiel Lavezzi and German Denis that need to get their shot. I also can't leave out the new goalie Juan Carrizo. He was a solid rock with magnets as hands.

What an exiting time to be an Argentine Soccer Fan...........

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